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Hawaiian Isles Coffee Kona Coffee Classic and Sunrise, Tropical flavored coffees and Decaffeinated coffees - Mix and Match.

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The best fancy coffee beans grow in Hawaii.
Sip some Royal Hawaiian Kona coffee.
The Hawaiian Islands are just before the date line and in the coffee zone! Copyright 2007 - 2019 SIPhawaii. All rights reserved. 
The Hawaiian islands are in the coffee zone.
Maui  Molokai  Oahu  Kauai  Hawai'i-Kona.

ALL MAJOR BRANDS  -  Every Day Low Prices.

In paradise you loved the Hawaiian Kona coffee.
100% Kona coffees, tropical flavored and 10% Kona blends.

On our coffee-index page you will find an easy selection of Hawaii's
best gourmet coffee brands - to enjoy again.
Looking for a gift? Try our all-islands coffee beans 5-pack samplers.

~ a Little Aloha    Exclusive Hawaiiana affordable premium gifts and souvenirs - to treasure the memories and the Spirit of Aloha.

A colorful selection of some of the bestselling Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs to compose your own gift baskets and care packages.
Find more on our 'a little Aloha' page - 'a little love' for your family, friends and yourself.

2021 Calendars
flowers and scenic
all islands
Flowers of Hawaii - 2017 Calendar - 12 page letter size wall calendar
Coffee mugs duo
Coffee for two

Hawaiin Coffee Mugs.
island style scented

Tropical scented candles.
Kitchen mitt sets
colorful as Hawaii

Tropical decorated Kitchen Mitt sets.
Magnets Hawaiiana
Vintage and Contemporary

Hawaiiana Magnets - Vintage, Comteporary and Artisian.
Luggage Straps
and Tags

Luggage straps and Tags.
sticky notes

Hawaiian Stationery and Sticky Notes

Island Ties Suitcase Straps - 'A lei for your luggage' in 6 vibrant Hawaiian designs and colors - 'Aloha is easy to recognize'.

Luggage Strap by Island Ties Hawaiian Style - A lei for your suitcase.
Hawaiian Hono Turtle - A Lei for your luggage Hawaiian Islands Plumeria Lei for your suitcase

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About the pink banner and buttons

Dedicated to the Hawaiian Sunrises and Sunsets, and The Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach - also known as the Pink Palace of the Pacific - where while sipping our morning coffee at the outdoor beach front restaurant 'SIPhawaii' -  Shop In Paradise was 'born'.

Royal Hawaiian Sunset

More info about the Royal Hawaiian Hotel:

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, renown as the Pink Palace of the Pacific, is a hotel located at 2259 Kalākaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. One of the first hotels established in Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is considered one of the flagship hotels in Hawaii tourism. It opened its doors to guests on February 1, 1927 with a black-tie gala attended by over 1,200 guests.

In 2009 The Royal Hawaiian refreshed its grandeur with a multimillion dollar transformation, taking "The Pink Palace" a step beyond traditional luxury resort expectations. The redesign has revitalized the entire property, conjuring a decidedly chic and modern atmosphere that is still captivatingly Hawaiian, making this Waikiki's finest luxury resort.

The Royal Hawaiian is a playground for international royalty, Hollywood elite, and heads of state, this legendary pink-hued retreat is ushering in a new era of Hawaiian-style luxury on Oahu's golden Waikiki Beach with striking décor and unmatched service.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel - Waikiki Beach LeSportsac Exclusive print Aloha Dreams

Da Kine Mahalo notes for  ' Aukake '   ( August )

Thank you for the great service and order, your product is very high quality and we have officially replaced Starbucks with SipHawaii. We hope to visit your beautiful islands someday. Robert and Karen C. - Texas
Good catch, I did forget the apartment number in my address. What can I say it was early in the morning and I am out of Kona coffee! I can't see to get started right without my Kona! Burt S. - Florida
I received my coffee order today, along with the complimentary Hawaiian calendar. Thank you so very much. It was very kind of you. It is a pleasure to do business with your company. Mahalo! Julie L. - New York
Dear SIPHawaii, Just a quick note to say that I have taken delivery of the coffee and I like to thank you for your service. I would have no hesitation of ordering from you soon. Kind regards, Warren T. - Hong Kong

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We are specialized in Hawaiian and Royal Kona coffees Fresh from Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands Teas, Chocolate Macadamia nuts, Island Foods, Natural Dietary Supplements, Island Music and Scenic DVD's video, Bath Body products, Gifts and Souvenirs.

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